Suzuki DF150 APL 150hp Long Shaft Outboard Engine


Suzuki DF150 APL 150hp Long Shaft Outboard Engine

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A lightweight, in-line four-cylinder outboard, the big-bore “BIG BLOCK”
produces power comparable to the V6, thanks to its massive 2,867cm³
displacement. With its award-winning design, quality, and noise levels,
as well as Suzuki Selective Rotation and Suzuki Precision Control fitted
as standard, the DF200AP and new DF175AP/150AP models make your
boating life more comfortable and enjoyable.

High 10.2:1 Compression Ratio and Largest* in Class Displacement
Compression and displacement each play important roles in delivering performance and power
output. Suzuki engineers have combined a 2,867cm 3 displacement (the largest in each outboard’s
class) with a high compression ratio of 10.2:1** to obtain great performance from these
compact engines.

*Four-stroke, four-cylinder DOHC category, as of Aug, 2016 **DF200AP, 200A, 175AP, 150AP only

Loaded With Features

Semi-Direct Air Intake System
For a sharp, innovative look. Underneath, however, it’s all
about function. The cowl incorporates a semi-direct air-tuned
multi-stage induction module, helping the engine to ‘breathe’
more efficiently for greater acceleration and top-end speed.
The cover also has ports that allow the rotating flywheel to
push warm air to the outside, helping to cool the engine.

The DF200AP, DF175AP and DF150AP incorporate our Suzuki Precision Control drive-by-wire system
for easy, smooth and precise control. Suzuki Selective Rotation*, also fitted as standard, enables
the outboard to operate in either standard clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.
*The optional connector and propeller need to be purchased separately to change the rotation.

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