Spectrum 565 with Suzuki DF90ATL SOLD


Here we have a great example of the Spectrum 565 fitted with Suzuki DF90 ATL Lean burn technology and sat on an Extreme EXT 1500KG 

Used Spectrum 2018 Running hours 51 Hour

Length 580  240 width .30 draft, max. 115hp, Weight 700kg

This boat preforms amazingly and has a generous amount of cabin and deck space.

Pilothouse 565 is a modern and stable motorboat popular with fishers.

It is perfect both for family cruises and for fishing.

The boat’s important advantage is a spacious, lockable cabin providing shelter from weather conditions, which makes it extremely functional. There is room for 3 people sleeping in the cabin. Its interior can be finished with natural teak wood and it has many convenient lockers.

In the stern area, there are bathing platforms which facilitate going into the water.

with all the standard equipment listed.

Standard equipment

colour: white

a bow pulpit (acid-proof steel A4 S316)

a roof rail (acid-proof steel A4 S316) with a top lamp and 2 fishing rod stands

2 rails at the cabin entrance (acid-proof steel A4 S316)

1 stern rail (acid-proof steel A4 S316)

4 rails supporting bathing platforms (acid-proof steel A4 S316)

1 (bow) anchor roller (acid-proof steel A4 S316)

a bow anchor hatch including space for an electrical winch

1 roof window and 1 cabin window (pivoting / opening)

a Plexiglass windscreen with an aluminium frame

3 deck cleats

3 mooring lines

rub rail

2 acid-proof steel rub rail end caps

2 teak wood decorations on the side

2 handgrips in teak elements

2 navigation lights

2 rear lockers and 1 large locker in the deck

a stern ventilation grate

water channelling system

a bottom plug

1 50 L fuel tank

1 acid-proof steel fuel tank inlet

1 acid-proof steel fuel tank vent

rubber fuel line protection

a bilge pump with an automatic switch

1 battery space

sliding Plexiglass cabin door with an aluminium frame