Pilothouse 565


All packages listed below come with the following…

  • Triple stainless steel rod-holders
  • Spectrum’s moulded non-slip deck system on all tread areas
  • Anodised aluminium framed and glazed front hatch into the cabin
  • Teleflex steering system and with a comfortable 5 spoke padded steering wheel
  • Navigation lights
  • Cockpit cover
  • Two stainless steel mooring cleats on the stern and one to the bow
  • An electric bilge pump below deck
  • The under-floor buoyancy chamber is foam-filled
  • Top quality vinyl cushions for the cabin
  • full-length stainless steel grab rails to both sides of the cockpit and a full pulpit to the bow of the boat
  • leading 4/stroke and direct injection outboard motors available, all with the manufacturer’s 5 year warranty, and all fully-rigged
  • Engine locking bolt (this secures the main engine to the transom, and is usually an insurance requirement)
  • Ratchet tie-down straps
  • High-visibility prop bag
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Pilot House 565 is a modern and stable motorboat popular with fishers. It is perfect both for family cruises and for fishing tourism.With a 115 HP engine, it makes an ideal solution to be used in large and medium water reservoirs. The boat’s important advantage is a spacious, lockable cabin providing shelter from atmospheric conditions, which makes it extremely functional. There is room for 3 people sleeping in the cabin. It’s interior is finished with natural teak wood and it has many convenient lockers. In the stern area, there are bathing platforms which facilitate going into the water.


Standard Equipment

  • colour: whitea bow pulpit (acid-proof steel A4 S316)
  • a roof rail (acid-proof steel A4 S316) with a top lamp and 2 fishing rod stands
  • 2 rails at the cabin entrance (acid-proof steel A4 S316)
  • 1 stern rail (acid-proof steel A4 S316)
  • 4 rails supporting bathing platforms (acid-proof steel A4 S316)
  • 1 (bow) anchor roller (acid-proof steel A4 S316)
  • a bow anchor hatch including space for an electrical winch
  • 1 roof window and 1 cabin window (pivoting / opening)
  • a Plexiglass windscreen with an aluminium frame
  • 3 deck cleats
  • 3 mooring lines
  • rub rail
  • 2 teak wood decorations on the side
  • 2 handgrips in teak elements
  • 2 navigation lights
  • 2 rear lockers and 1 large locker in the deck
  • a stern ventilation grate
  • water channelling system
  • a bottom plug
  • 2 acid-proof steel rub rail end caps
  • 1 50 L fuel tank
  • 1 acid-proof steel fuel tank inlet
  • 1 acid-proof steel fuel tank vent
  • rubber fuel line protection
  • a bilge pump with an automatic switch
  • 1 battery space
  • sliding Plexiglass cabin door with an aluminium frame

Additional Equipment

  • colour side at extra charge
  • deck made of natural teak wood
  • 2 fishing rod stands built in side teak elements
  • acid-proof steel fishing rod stands fixed to rails
  • steersman’s chair
  • upholstery with mattresses inside the cabin
  • high quality external rear upholstery
  • (marine, resistant to atmospheric conditions
  • 1 radio + 2 speakers
  • WC
  • gas cooker one burner
  • cabin finished with teak wood elements (strips, side shelves, a bow shelf, 2 wall racks)
  • canvas cover

Day/Sleeping Cabin Equipment

  • steering wheel + steering system and gear
  • electrical wiring + switches
  • helmsman seat upholstery
  • 3 lockers (with teak doors)

Suzuki Outboards

Why Choose Suzuki? No other outboard company could draw on Suzuki’s technology and experience designing high-output, lightweight 4-stroke engines for the worldwide marine, automobile, motorcycle and ATV markets.

This experience was backed by a commitment to 4-stroke technology that never wavered. While other companies experimented with alternative 2-stroke technologies to meet clean air standards, Suzuki stuck with what it does best. And without looking back, we’ve been giving you our best – reliable, powerful 4-strokes that are a perfect fit for today’s boats. The result is the industry’s largest all-4-stroke lineup. From our mini-might 2.5 horsepower portable right up to our new flagship 4-liter 300-horsepower V6, Suzuki offers a powerful choice for every American boater. Twenty models in all, each packed with advanced features and cutting edge technology that could only come from the 4-stroke leader


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